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Genesis Power Releases

Oh JohnnyR!
There are no emulators that run 32x ROMs.
(I realize the above message will still be a little too subtle for some of you, and you will have an uncontrollable urge to mail us asking where you can download a 32x emulator. If you get this urge, please visit all our sponsors until that urge passes.)

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06 Dec 1999 - Genesis Release #26: Ms. Pacman (U). This tiny little download shouldn't put much strain on the bandwidth. 

04 Dec 1999 - To catch up somewhat, here are two previously undumped games:

Genesis Release #24: Exodus (Unlicensed) donated by Teuta.
Genesis Release #25: Joshua (Unlicensed) donated by Teuta.

These are two of the remaining undumped games from Wisdom Tree. They both use the same game fact, both headers are the same!

We still need Bible Adventures for the Genesis. If you have this title, contact us!

28 Nov 1999 - Genesis Release #23: Miracle Piano Teaching System (U) donated by Number Six. This cart worked with a special MIDI interface to the Genesis. Unless some emulator adds support for this interface, the program is interesting but won't actually teach you how to play the piano.

26 Nov 1999 - Genesis Release #22: Last Battle (Hokuto No Ken 2) (U). An interesting fighter, although this US version leaves out the exploding heads.

22 Nov 1999 - Genesis Release #20: Champions World Class Soccer (JUE). Sure its a mediocre soccer simulation, but its a well dumped mediocre soccer simulation!

20 Nov 1999 - Genesis Release #19: Ariel The Little Mermaid (U). This was one of the early Disney games, but its still fun.

18 Nov 1999 - Genesis Release #18: Bonanza Bros (UE).

16 Nov 1999 - Genesis Release #17: BioHazard Battle (UE).

14 Nov 1999 - Genesis Release #16: Art Of Fighting (U).

12 Nov 1999 - Genesis Release #15: Altered Beast (JU) dumped by NeoZeed. This is a redump; the common copy on the internet was defaced by TSD. 

10 Nov 1999 - Genesis Release #14: Hellfire (J) dumped by NeoZeed. This is a redump; the old copy had a bad checksum.

08 Nov 1999 - Genesis Release #13: Spiritual Warfare donated by Number Six. This is one of the Wisdom Tree games that has never been dumped. The other games are Bible Adventures, Exodus, and Joshua. If you have any of these titles, please contact us.

04 Nov 1999 - Genesis Release #12: Mighty Max (U).

02 Nov 1999 - Genesis Release #11: Chuck Rock 2 (U).

30 Oct 1999 - Tomorrow is Halloween, so its time for Trick or Treat.

Treat: Genesis Release #9: Cool Spot (U). Everyone's favorite 7 Up spot.

Trick: Genesis Release #10: Barney's Hide And Seek (U). The real reason dinosaurs are extinct. This was donated by Kirkland, poor soul.

The following releases are only found on our mirror sites.

24 Nov 1999 - Genesis Release #21: Judge Dredd (F). I don't quite agree with The Scribe on this really isn't that bad of a platform least it is better than the movie, but that wouldn't take much.

06 Nov 1999 - 32x Release #44: Virtua Fighter (A). This was donated by RocLobsta and dumped by NeoZeed.

28 Oct 1999 - Genesis Release #8: Sonic Spinball (U). This came about because of an IRC discussion with Haze of GeoShock. Haze wrote that when you play the Spinball dumps from the net, "in emulators you get this 'metal' tune... even seems a different length but no cart version of the game anywhere has that music." Snorter happened to have a Sonic Spinball cart, and checking it found that Haze was correct; the cart had a different checksum and some of the music is different. The first noticeable difference in the music is at the title screen. If you have any of the dumps that have been floating around the net, give them a listen and compare. 

08 Oct 1999 - Genesis Release #7: Comix Zone (4) redump.

06 Oct 1999 - Genesis Release #6: Animaniacs (JU) donated by Kirkland.

04 Oct 1999 - Genesis Release #5: NBA All-Star Challenge (U) redump.

10 Sep 1999 - Genesis Release #4: RockmanX3! This is a rare pirate cart donated by the Brazilian ROMs Death Squad (spk, vitor, dandy, and johnnyr). The dump was fixed by Cowering and Axeman to run in most Genesis emulators.

31 Aug 1999 - Genesis Release #3: Possibly the smallest known Genesis ROM...the Game Genie ROM is released. Snorter came across this and decided to dump it for posterity. You can see the Game Genie logo and enter codes, but without the actual Game Genie hardware it won't work. Most Genesis emulators have this functionality built-in anyway.

25 Aug 1999 - Genesis Release #2: Phantasy Star III Portuguese. This was donated by the Brasilian ROMs Death Squad (spk, vitor, dandy, and johnnyr).

27 July 1999 - Genesis Release #1: A big release, in conjunction with SMS Power - Stargate (JUE). This ROM has been badly dumped several times, but here is the first good dump available on the web. It is playable in KGen98 and Genecyst x.xx, but not in DGen 1.16.

26 Oct 1999 - 32x Release #43: MetalHead (5). If you check the 32x Info page, you will notice that this release completes all known NTSC ROMs.

24 Oct 1999 - 32x Release #42: Star Wars Arcade (JU). There has been a dump on the internet for a while with a bad checksum, but this one is correctly dumped.

22 Oct 1999 - 32x Release #41: Afterburner (A) donated by Spyros and dumped by NeoZeed.

20 Oct 1999 - 32x Release #40: FIFA International Soccer 96 (JUE) donated by Spyros and dumped by NeoZeed. Be sure to read the notes on the rom page!

18 Oct 1999 - 32x Release #39: Romance Of The Three Kingdoms 4 (1) dumped by Kazz. This is probably the rarest 32x game produced, and it was only released in Japan.

16 Oct 1999 - 32x Release #38: Motocross Championship (JU).

14 Oct 1999 - 32x Release #37: World Series Baseball 95 (F) dumped by Kazz.

12 Oct 1999 - 32x Release #36: WWF Wrestlemania Arcade (F).

02 Oct 1999 - 32x Release #35: MetalHead (A).

30 Sep 1999 - 32x Release #34: Cosmic Carnage (A).

28 Sep 1999 - 32x Release #33: Toughman Contest (F).

26 Sep 1999 - 32x Release #32: Doom (JU).

24 Sep 1999 - 32x Release #31: Star Wars Arcade (J) released.

22 Sep 1999 - 32x Release #30: BC Racers (F) released. This ROM has a header checksum of 0, but the file's calculated checksum doesn't match. This probably means that the checksum was never changed when the ROM was released. Although a checksum of 0 sometimes indicates a beta cartridge, the cartridge was purchased in a Toys R Us in the US, so it probably isn't a beta.

20 Sep 1999 - 32x Release #29: Darxide (A) donated by MSoft and dumped by NeoZeed. This is a space shooter that was only released in Europe. We had no idea this even existed when we started this project. Thanks to the global nature of the internet, we now have it dumped.

18 Sep 1999 - 32x Release #28: Mortal Kombat 2 (JUE) (Jan 1995)

16 Sep 1999 - 32x Release #27: Mortal Kombat 2 (JUE) (Dec 1994)

14 Sep 1999 - 32x Release #26: Pitfall (4).

12 Sep 1999 - 32x Release #25: Primal Rage (F).

08 Sep 1999 - 32x Release #24: Brutal Unleashed: Above The Claw (4).

06 Sep 1999 - 32x Release #23 - NBA Jam TE (F).

04 Sep 1999 - 32x Release #22: NFL Quarterback Club 32x (F).

02 Sep 1999 - 32x Release #21: Virtua Racing Deluxe 32x (A) dumped by NeoZeed. There is a good (U) dump of Virtua Racing 32x that has been on the net for a while. Also, this is NOT the same as the Genesis cart, which had a built-in SH1 processor.

30 Aug 1999 - 32x Release #20: Virtua Fighter 32x (5). There has been a version on the net with a bad checksum, so throw it away and keep this good dump!

28 Aug 1999 - 32x Release #19: WWF Raw (F).

26 Aug 1999 - 32x Release #18: Spiderman: Web Of Fire (F) donated by Number Six.

24 Aug 1999 - 32x Release #17: Zaxxon's Motherbase 2000 (5) donated by Number Six.

22 Aug 1999 - 32x Release #16: Star Trek Starship Bridge Simulator (4) donated by Number Six.

20 Aug 1999 - 32x Release #15: Star Wars (E) dumped by NeoZeed.

18 Aug 1999 - 32x Release #14: Motocross Championship (E) dumped by NeoZeed.

16 Aug 1999 - 32x Release #13: RBI Baseball 95 (4).

14 Aug 1999 - 32x Release #12: Knuckles Chaotix (A) dumped by NeoZeed.

12 Aug 1999 - 32x Release #11: Knuckles Chaotix (5).

10 Aug 1999 - 32x Release #10: Afterburner 32x (5).

08 Aug 1999 - 32x Release #9: T-MEK (F).

06 Aug 1999 - 32x Release #7 and #8: Two versions of Space Harrier for the 32x.

05 Aug 1999 - 32x Release #6: BlackThorne (4).

03 Aug 1999 - 32x Release #5: Tempo (F).

01 Aug 1999 - 32x Release #3 and #4: Cosmic Carnage (5) and Shadow Squadron (E).

20 July 1999 - 32x Release #1 and #2: 36 Great Holes Starring Fred Couples (JU) and Kolibri (F).