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Spiritual Warfare (Header Added) (168k)

Spiritual Warfare (No Header) IPS Patch (1k)

Donated by Number Six

Note: The original dump had no header and crashed some header tools like SMD. Therefore, a header was added to the file for general distribution. The "No Header" IPS patch will convert the released "Header Added" file to the original dump.

SMD Output

SMD/BIN/MD File Checker & Format Type Converter ver.0.3
Copyright (C)1998/11/13 by M.Kajihara(KAJA).

Filename : Spiritual Warfare (Header Added).SMD
Filesize : 524800
Format : SMD,Added Header
CartnameJ: Spiritual Warfare
CartnameE: Spiritual Warfare
Copyright: (C)WisdomTree 94
Product : GM(Game)
CartCode : T-XXD7FD-01
SupDevice: Joypad
ROMSize : 524288 Bytes
RAMSize : 65536 Bytes
SRAMInfo : No Information
MODEMInfo: No Support
Country : USA
CheckSum : Ok(4299)

Released  08 Nov 1999

Any Genesis emulator should run this ROM.