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Art Of Fighting (U) (957k)

Released 14 Nov 1999

Excerpt from Genesis Game Guide by The Scribe

NAME: Art of Fighting
TYPE: Fighting
LANGUAGE: English and Japanese

PREMISE: Ryo's sister has been kidnapped by the master criminal
Mr. Big and is being held somewhere in the city. Ryo
enlists the aid of his sometime martial arts rival
Robert, and together they battle their way through Mr.
Big's minions as they try to find Ryo's sister before
time runs out. A popular videogame that inspired a
short anime film.

IMPRESSIONS: A seriously revamped Double Dragon clone that has more
of a Street Fighter feel to it. It's not Streets of
Rage, but is still pretty decent and will provide hours
of mindless fun.

VARIATIONS: Ryouko no Ken (Japanese original, some character names
may be different)
The sequel, Art of Fighting 2, does not appear to have
been ported to the Genesis

SMD Output

SMD/BIN/MD File Checker & Format Type Converter ver.0.3
Copyright (C)1998/11/13 by M.Kajihara(KAJA).

Filename : Art Of Fighting (U).SMD
Filesize : 2097664
Format : SMD,Added Header
CartnameJ: +
Copyright: (C)SEGA 1994 JUL
Product : GM(Game)
CartCode : MK-1146 00
SupDevice: Joypad,6-button Joypad
ROMSize : 2097152 Bytes
RAMSize : 65536 Bytes
SRAMInfo : No Information
MODEMInfo: No Support
Country : USA
CheckSum : Ok(29557)

Any Genesis emulator should run this ROM.