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Sonic Spinball (U) (550k)

This came about because of an IRC discussion with  Haze of GeoShock. Haze wrote that when you play the Spinball dumps from the net, "in emulators you get this 'metal' tune... even seems a different length but no cart version of the game anywhere has that music." Snorter happened to have a Sonic Spinball cart, and checking it found that Haze was correct; the cart had a different checksum and some of the music is different. The first noticeable difference in the music is at the title screen. If you have any of the dumps that have been floating around the net, give them a listen and compare. 

SMD Output

Filesize : 1049088
Format : SMD,Added Header
CartnameJ: Sonic Spinball
CartnameE: Sonic Spinball
Copyright: (C)SEGA 1993.SEP
Product : GM(Game)
CartCode : MK-1537 -00
SupDevice: Joypad
ROMSize : 1048576 Bytes
RAMSize : 65536 Bytes
SRAMInfo : No Information
MODEMInfo: No Support
Country : USA
CheckSum : Ok(10815) ($2A3F)

Released  28 Oct 1999

Any Genesis emulator should run this ROM.