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We need mirror sites! If you can mirror the Genesis Power releases, please contact us!

06 Dec 1999 - Today's tiny little download won't put a dent in anyone's bandwidth, but its a fun game. Ms. Pacman (U) is released.

05 Dec 1999 - We just noticed that our new host doesn't let you download files larger than 1 Meg...funny they don't mention that anywhere in their terms of service. I guess that filters out most MP3 and Warez sites, although it would be nice if they mentioned the restriction somewhere. 

Fortunately, most Genesis ROMs are smaller than 1 Meg, although we had to remove the link for Judge Dredd since it was just over one meg.  Again, if you can donate about 20 Megs of web space, please contact us.

04 Dec 1999 - To catch up somewhat and prove we are still alive, Exodus and Joshua donated by Teuta, two previously undumped games, are released.

We still need Bible Adventures for the Genesis. If you have this Wisdom Tree title, contact us!

01 Dec 1999 - As most of you have noticed, our site got nuked. We have moved, but the cost is an extra banner at the top of this frame. We will see if this lasts. If you can donate about 20 Megs of web space, please contact us. New releases should resume shortly.

20-28 Nov 1999 - We are going to be away from the computer for a while due to the Thanksgiving holiday. Although the site could just take a break, we decided instead to make our normal releases just a bit early. Go to the releases page to see what we have for you, and don't forget to give thanks for the goodies!

18 Nov 1999 - Bonanza Bros (UE) for the Genesis released. The graphics are fairly distinctive, and the gameplay can be addictive.

16 Nov 1999 - BioHazard Battle (UE) for the Genesis released. This is another nice shooter, one of the better R-Type clones for the Genesis.

14 Nov 1999 - Art of Fighting (U) for the Genesis released.

13 Nov 1999 - Because we continue to get mail from people who claim to have had certain ROMs long before we release them, and considering that we don't have every dump ever made, a fourth goal has been added to the introduction to this site. For those of you who never read that page, the new goal says "Fourth, we will release dumps that we make of Genesis games that interest us, whether or not they have been previously available."

12 Nov 1999 - Today we have one of the first games released for the Genesis: Altered Beast (JU) for the Genesis dumped by NeoZeed released. This is a redump; the common copy on the internet was defaced by TSD.

10 Nov 1999 - Hellfire (J) redumped by NeoZeed released. The common dump on the internet has a bad checksum. Hellfire is a fairly fun R-Type clone. Somehow, releasing Hellfire seemed appropriate after releasing Spiritual Warfare...

08 Nov 1999 - Our "Name That Game" title: Spiritual Warfare for the Genesis donated by Number Six is released. Out of the thousand or so visitors we have each day, only a dozen guessed the name of this game. 

Spiritual Warfare is one of the Wisdom Tree games that has never been dumped. The other games are Bible Adventures, Exodus, and Joshua. If you have any of these titles, please contact us.

06 Nov 1999 - Virtua Fighter (A) for the 32x released. This was donated by RocLobsta and dumped by NeoZeed. Only a few more 32x European cartridges need dumping. They are: Blackthorne,  Brutal Unleashed, Pitfall, RBI Baseball 95, Star Trek Simulator, Tempo, Zaxxon Motherbase 2000.

Our "Name That Game" was successful! This rare game was correctly identified by about a dozen folks. It will be released Nov 8, 1999. Here are a few more pictures to help the rest of you figure out what it is:


05 Nov 1999 - Now for something entirely different...lets play "Name That Game". Below is a picture of a freshly dumped game. Once someone guesses what it is, then the ROM will be posted here on Genesis Power. If you have a guess, contact us! If there is enough interest, then this may become a regular feature.

04 Nov 1999 - Mighty Max (U) released. Colorful and non-violent run-and-jump based on the syndicated animated TV series created in Britain. The (E) version has been available for some time.

02 Nov 1999 - Chuck Rock 2 (U) released. This is really funny game thats a real hoot to play.

01 Nov 1999 - I noticed that all you good folks aren't visiting the sponsors much, and they are feeling lonely. Why not drop in on a few and say "Hi!".

30 Oct 1999 - Tomorrow is trick or treat, so two Genesis releases today. 

28 Oct 1999 - Sonic Spinball (U) for the Genesis released

26 Oct 1999 - MetalHead (5) for the 32x released. If you check the 32x Info page, you will notice that this release completes all known NTSC ROMs. The PAL releases we need are: Blackthorne, Brutal Unleashed, Pitfall, RBI Baseball 95, Star Trek Simulator, Tempo, Virtua Fighter, and Zaxxon Motherbase 2000 (aka Parasquad). If you have any of these, contact us!

A 32x MIA section was added. This contains a number of pictures from titles that never saw the light of day. Perhaps some beta copies exist, especially since some of these were shown at trade shows. If you happen to have a beta, please contact us!

24 Oct 1999 - Star Wars Arcade (JU) for the 32x released.

22 Oct 1999 - Afterburner (A) (PAL) for the 32x donated by Spyros and dumped by NeoZeed released

20 Oct 1999 -  FIFA International Soccer 96 for the 32x donated by Spyros and dumped by NeoZeed released. Unless we come across a beta or an unknown 32x cartridge, this is the last unique title we needed to dump. There are still a few country code variations we are missing, but there is at least one dump now for each known 32x title.

18 Oct 1999 - This release rocks the house! Here is the surprise that Kazz sent us: Romance Of The Three Kingdoms 4 for the 32x. This is probably the rarest 32x cartridge in existence as it was only released in Japan. There have been rumors of it's existence for either the Genesis or 32x, but none that were verified. Now thanks to Kazz we have a cart dump, manual cover scan and cartridge scan! Number Six was so excited about it that he made up a few renderings of what the US and European boxes would have looked like.

Kazz also sent along a box scan of World Series Baseball, so the release page was updated.

16 Oct 1999 - Motocross Championship (JU) for the 32x released.

14 Oct 1999 - Opened my email today and what do I find? Today's release - World Series Baseball for the 32x dumped by Kazz! He also sent along another little surprise, bringing the number of unique 32x titles up to 34. 

The 32x Info page was updated with the latest releases, and we added a table of Sega CD/32x titles. Don't expect to see iso images of these on this site! Also, the FAQ was updated with pictures and technical specifications of the Genesis and 32x systems.

12 Oct 1999 - Got a package in the mail over the weekend, so back to releasing some 32x dumps. WWF Wrestlemania Arcade for the 32x released. For some strange reason, of the 33 unique 32x titles, two of them are WWF games. You would think one would be more than enough for any console...

On another note, I've gotten several emails from folks saying that they had a Genesis/32x/CD or a cart dumper like the SMD in the back of their closet/under the bed/buried in the basement, but it got thrown out/sold at a garage sale for $5/eaten by the dog/etc. Arrrrgggghhhh! If you have any old Genesis equipment or cart dumper that you aren't using or don't need, please contact us and we will put it to good use!

09 Oct 1999 - FAQ updated: added sections with overviews of the Genesis and the 32x. These are excerpts from the Genesis Game Guide by The Scribe. 

32x Info updated (used to be called 32x Needed): added direct links from the 32x Cartridge table to the ROM release pages. Although most ROMs are no longer on this server, this gives direct links to the box scans, game information, and screen captures.

08 Oct 1999 - Comix Zone (4) for the Genesis released. There has been a TSD-defaced dump and a few other bad dumps on the net, but this one is fresh out of the cart. Snorter likes this game...its just fun to play an animated comic strip, and this game plays well and has lots of eye candy.

06 Oct 1999 - Animaniacs (JU) for the Genesis donated by Kirkland released! The common one on the net is a JUE version with a bad checksum.

05 Oct 1999 - Snorter finally got himself a 32x, so we will be slowly adding screenshots to the site. Kolibri is first. It may seem like a strange shooter where you play a little hummingbird, but the idea works and the gameplay is great!

Also, we got a real box scan of Toughman Contest for the 32x sent by Number Six, so that page has been updated.

04 Oct 1999 - Received some European box scans for a few more games from Trenty. The following 32x release pages were updated: Toughman Contest, Virtua Racing, and Mortal Kombat 2. If you have any European boxes for 32x games and can send us some  scans, contact us.

Some of our visitors think that all we dump is 32x carts. Part of Genesis Power's charter is to redump old roms that haven't been dumped correctly before. Since we are currently out of 32x carts until a few more arrive in the mail this week, we decided to start releasing some of our redumps. So, NBA All-Star Challenge (U) for the Genesis is released.

02 Oct 1999 - MetalHead (PAL) dumped by NeoZeed for the 32x released.

30 Sep 1999 - Cosmic Carnage (PAL) dumped by NeoZeed for the 32x released.

28 Sep 1999 - Toughman Contest for the 32x released.

27 Sep 1999 - Received some European box scans for a few games from NeoZeed. The following 32x release pages were updated: Doom, Cosmic Carnage, NBA Jam TE.

26 Sep 1999 - Doom (JU) for the 32x released. Note that there has been a good (E) dump on the net for some time.

24 Sep 1999 - Star Wars Arcade (J) for the 32x released.

22 Sep 1999 - BC Racers for the 32x released

20 Sep 1999 - Darxide (A) for the 32x donated by MSoft and dumped by NeoZeed is released. This is a space shooter that was only released in Europe. We had no idea this even existed when we started this project. Thanks to the global nature of the internet, we now have it dumped.

18 Sep 1999 - Mortal Kombat 2 for the 32x released. This ROM has a January 1995 release date in the header. The contents of the ROMs are definitely different in numerous places. When we finally see a 32x emulator, then we will find out if there are observable differences in gameplay.

16 Sep 1999 - Mortal Kombat 2 for the 32x released. This ROM has a December 1994 release date in the header. The reason for mentioning this will become apparent soon.

14 Sep 1999 - Pitfall for the 32x released.

12 Sep 1999 - Primal Rage for the 32x released. Also, dps, who hosts this site, was using a bit too much web space. He moved a few older roms offsite and adjusted the links. We will try to monitor these links, but remember that you can get most of the files on this site from the mirror sites.

For those few folks who want the unplayable original RockmanX3, here is an ips file that will convert the fixed ROM to the original one. If you have no idea what an ips file is, then you don't need it!

11 Sep 1999 - We've had a few emails wanting the original unplayable dump of RockmanX3 to be released, and comments that we should have released it in its unusable pristine form with a patch for people who wanted to play it. Folks, times have changed. If we were doing releases three years ago, thats how it would have been released. If we had released RockmanX3 that way today, our mailbox would have overflowed with messages asking how to make the game work, and what was this little fix.ips file included in the archive. For those real collectors out there, the original unplayable ROM is on some of the usual FTP sites. If you don't know where those are, then you don't need the ROM! Don't write us asking about it; you will only waste our time and yours too.

10 Sep 1999 - RockmanX3 for the Genesis is released! This is a rare pirate cart from the Brazilian ROMs Death Squad (spk, vitor, dandy, and johnnyr). The original dump has been fixed by Cowering and Axeman to run on most Genesis emulators.

08 Sep 1999 - A somewhat different fighting game, Brutal Unleashed: Above The Claw for the 32x released.

06 Sep 1999 - Another sports title: NBA Jam TE for the 32x released.

04 Sep 1999 - NFL Quarterback Club for the 32x released.

02 Sep 1999 - Virtua Racing Deluxe (A) for the 32x dumped by NeoZeed released. There is a good (U) dump of Virtua Racing 32x that has been on the net for a while. Also, this is NOT the same as the Genesis cart, which had a built-in SH1 processor.

31 Aug 1999 - For a little something that is completely useless but somewhat interesting, we release what is probably the smallest known Genesis ROM...the Game Genie ROM weighing in with a whopping 12k zip! You can see the Game Genie logo and enter codes, but without the actual Game Genie hardware it won't work. Most Genesis emulators have this functionality built-in anyway.

30 Aug 1999 - Virtua Fighter for the 32x released. There has been a version on the net with a bad checksum, so throw it away and keep this good dump!

This our 20th 32x release! Before we started this project, there were three 32x ROMs on the net that were correctly dumped. We are well on the way to getting all of the known 32x ROMs dumped. The few remaining ones we haven't located are WWF Arcade and World Series Baseball 95. If you can send these to us for "checksum verification", we will be happy to provide that service free of charge. Contact us.

28 Aug 1999 - WWF Raw 32x is released. This is another 32 megabit ROM, so a few older releases were removed from this site. You can still get them at the mirrors.

26 Aug 1999 - There is a spider on the Genesis Power web today...Spiderman: Web Of Fire for the 32x released. The cartridge was donated by Number Six.

25 Aug 1999- Something a little different today...a Genesis release. Phantasy Star III Portuguese donated by the Brasilian ROMs Death Squad (spk, vitor, dandy, and johnnyr).

24 Aug 1999 - In keeping with the space motif, we release Zaxxon's Motherbase 2000 for the 32x, donated by Number Six.

23 Aug 1999 - Well, to answer all the mail I still get asking what emulator runs 32x ROMs, the answer is...DGen! Here is a picture of DGen running Knuckles Chaotix 32x. Either ROM version will do, as they both have the same stellar graphics and gameplay.

22 Aug 1999 - Star Trek Starship Bridge Simulator for the 32x released. The cartridge was donated by Number Six.

20 Aug 1999 - Reading today, it sounds like I was miffed because they announced my next releases... this isn't the case. I'm ticked off because they actually linked to my next two releases. If someone wants to report on suspected future releases (Star Trek, Pitfall, BC Racers, MK2, Spiderman, and others for the 32x, as well as almost 100 redumps for the Genesis), then so be it. However, linking private files on my site is totally unacceptable.

In spite of that, Star Wars 32x is released today.

19 Aug 1999 - Some lamer named MickoZ at decided to link two of the unreleased ROMs I had online here (I usually put them on early so my mirror sites can get ready for the next releases). Its not bad enough that he announced what the next two releases will be, but he actually linked to the files, too. 

Lameness like this is what is killing emulation these days. I seriously considered shutting down this site for a week because of this lamer, but I've got too many ROMs waiting release to do that. Instead, I'm asking all of you to please send him mail and let him know how you feel about this lameness.

18 Aug 1999 - Motocross Championship 32x (E) released, dumped by NeoZeed.

17 Aug 1999 - Our 20 megs of web space is just about maxed out, and we still have a few dozen 32x ROMs to distribute. Therefore, with tomorrow's release, we will start removing older files from this server and directing those downloads to the mirrors.

Also, just got off #rareroms on efnet, and we found a 32x cartridge we didn't know existed: Darxide, an Asteroids-like game. Thanks to sefirotsp in Spain, we hope to be able to get a dump of it via NeoZeed.

16 Aug 1999 - We only need to find three more 32x cartridges to have located all known released 32x games. These are FIFA Soccer 96 (only released in Europe), World Series Baseball 95, and WWF Arcade. If you have these cartridges and would be willing to let us borrow them for a few days, please contact us. Also, RBI Baseball 95 32x released.

14 Aug 1999 - Another version of Knuckles Chaotix 32x released. This is the (A) ROM. Read the FAQ and you will know this is the PAL release. This dump was by NeoZeed.

13 Aug 1999 - I received some information about the odd country codes seen in most 32x carts. 5 is for an NTSC release, 4 is for a USA release, and F is for world-wide release. See the FAQ for details. 

12 Aug 1999 - Knuckles Chaotix 32x released. The cart was donated by Number Six. Removed the counter from the menu frame since Netscape seemed to have problems with it. Added a few sponsors - supporting our sponsors helps to support us, which will bring more releases.

10 Aug 1999 - Afterburner for 32x released.

08 Aug 1999 - T-MEK for 32x released.

07 Aug 1999 - Received 33 Genesis carts donated by kirkland, one of which has never been dumped before. The others are carts that need redumping to get good checksums. Also received 7 Genesis and 4 32x carts from Number Six. Genesis Power will release these as time and web space allows. If you can mirror our older releases, this will allow us to release new dumps quicker. Contact us about mirrors or donations. 

06 Aug 1999 - Two versions of Space Harrier for the 32x released. Also added the introduction page, and introduced a few more members of the Genesis Power team.

05 Aug 1999 - BlackThorne for 32x released.

03 Aug 1999 - Tempo for 32x released.

02 Aug 1999 - Thanks to Zoop for the logo. This site was originally to be combined with Zoop's SMS Power which was to become Sega Power. Zoop decided that he was busy enough with Sega 8-bit releases, so we decided to put up a separate page for Sega 16-bit systems called Genesis Power. This site's content is totally independent of Zoop's and is controlled by Snorter, who also dumps most of the ROMs you will find here. Thanks again to Zoop for his help and encouragement with this site.

01 Aug 1999 - Two more 32x ROMs released: Cosmic Carnage and Shadow Squadron.

See Releases for old and current ROM releases.

Mirror sites are urgently needed! If you can mirror the ROMs here, contact us.